Saturday, February 26, 2011

small disasters

our kitchen sink had a major clog in it and after 2 days without being able to use it and steve working on the sink for 3 hours, we are back in business. steve was pretty happy that he was able to fix it (even if it meant a lot of drano) and that elation lead to some reminiscing. we talked about all the times he attempted to fix things and it ended in small disasters. we laughed SO hard over all of these stories and now i am going to share them with you.

in our condo we decided to get rid of the nasty gold chandelier that hung above our table. steve decided he could do it himself with a friend. i was out that evening but before i left i reminded steve to turn the breaker off before doing the wiring. when i came home the new light was up and looked good. later i found out that when he turned the breaker off they didn't have any light in that room so they decided to do it with the breaker on....apparently that lead to some sort of loud noise and the entire frosted glass shade turning black. nice.

next came new couches. we ordered a new couch and loveseat from the brick. they were delivered, we attached the feet and it looked good. the armrest made a nice loud crack when i leaned on it so we got the couch replaced. when the new couch came we were attaching the feet and steve cranked it too hard and the foot cracked in half. awesome. after a lot of phone calls we learned that there was nothing we could do so steve just glued the foot together. thankfully it's on the back of the couch and not the front.
in our condo we had an issue with a garburator and ended up having to replace it. steve worked super hard on it (his brother helped too). he ended up successfully installing the new one (YAY steve) and i was one happy camper. the next day i came home from work and when i walked in our kitchen floor was soaking wet and part of the carpet was as well. i called steve, he came home and we spent quite a while cleaning up all the water and trying to figure out where the water came from. we couldn't figure it out. it hadn't come from the fridge or the sink. he left and i went to unload the dishwasher. when i opened it everything was still dirty. i thought we had forgotten to turn it on that morning so i turned it on. a few minutes later i heard water pouring onto our floor. i ran over and turned the dishwasher off. the water was all coming from under the sink. it turned out that steve had detached some pipe that went from the dishwasher to the garburator and forgot to reattach it. so i cleaned up flood #2.

this one isn't really a repair story but we laughed about it anyways. we bought a new car (mazda3) 2 years ago. we had only had it for a few months and steve decided to take it to the drive thru car wash. we paid at the little machine and started pulling forward. i noticed that we were really close to a yellow concrete pole so i said "watch out for the pole" and as i was saying it we scraped our nice new car along it. that sucked big time!!! thankfully it didn't dent the car it just transferred paint from the pole onto our car. we had it fixed shortly after.

we moved into our townhouse 1.5 years ago and replaced the flush ceiling light with a hanging light in our entry. i took forever to decide on which light i liked best (usually i rush into decisions so i think i was slightly annoying steve cause i just couldn't make my mind up. somehow i felt like this was a HUGE decision. haha). once we got the light home we had to figure out a way to hang it. because it is over the staircase we stood on the ledge on the one side of the staircase. it was awkward. i was leaning out over the staircase holding the light while he tried to attach the wiring (we learned our lesson and turned the breaker off this time). we ended up cutting the writing too short so it was super difficult to attach it, but we did and were so happy with the way it looked. then we had to put the frosted glass in and placed the marble piece at the bottom of it and screwed it all together. steve was up there tightening it all and (again) cranked it too tight and the glass shattered. thank goodness for a great lighting store who replaced the glass for free. :)
despite all of this stuff we have learned a ton! i am sure everyone has these stories and i am sure that i would have made many of the same mistakes and possibly more if i had attempted to do any of these fix-it projects. thankfully none of these small disasters cost us much money and we gained a lot of knowledge. as long as we keep laughing about it, it's all good right? :D


  1. Oh how I love hearing these stories!! I have put together my fair share of furniture and always feel SO good when they are finished and look like the picture... While putting them together though that sense of accomplishment and proficiency are no where to be found and the swearing and frustration come through loud and clear!!


    had to share this too!

  3. haha!!!! we're not quite that bad.