Thursday, June 24, 2010

wallpaper dilemma

project time!! yay!! i love projects. i am going to wallpaper the wall behind our headboard in our bedroom and then paint the other three walls. today steve and i went and chose 2 different wallpapers and now i am asking for YOUR opinions. i have a hard time making decisions. here is my dilemma. wallpaper option #1 is safe. it will match many paint colours and it's not bold so it won't be obnoxious. wallpaper option #2 is a bit more bold since it's blue and has more of a shine to the design. less paint colors match that wallpaper and once the wall is wallpapered option #2 would really make the wall be a 'feature' wall. BUT sometimes bold is good...and safe is just safe. AHHHHHH!!!! it's a pretty big wall so i don't want to make the wrong decision.

option #1 - it has a whiteish background with a taupe (?) coloured design

(this is why i need help...haha)

option #2 - light blue background with a goldy/silvery design that is kind of shiny in certain angles

option #1 is on the RIGHT option #2 is on the LEFT

here is the bedding colours currently. i love this bed spread so it will stay but i am ok with having to part with the rust coloured pillows.

please comment here or on facebook and tell me what you think...even if your opinion is that you hate both. also, if you have paint colour thoughts let me know. i am a bit stumped.


  1. i absolutely love both. i don't think you can make a wrong decision. umm...but i guess if i have to vote, i vote #1. because it's a little less bold, you might like it longer? maybe. i don't know. great choices though.

  2. #1 all the way!
    I bet Lauren would have an opinion you should ask her! What a fun project!

  3. I think they are both beautiful, but I think I would lean slightly toward #1, only because it would give you more options. Also, in the future, if you want to make some changes, you will be able to keep this wall paper if you still like it.

  4. I love option #1. It's gorgeous. The other is very gold.

  5. i think i am going to go with option #1....i still feel super torn, i love both, but i am feeling like maybe the less dramtic version is better because it's safer. ugh...