Wednesday, June 2, 2010

next year's placement

yesterday i found out my placement at work for the coming school year. it isn't my 'worst case scenario' but it's no where near my ideal position. i am moving up from primary to intermediate. i worked one year in kindergarten, 2 years in grade 1 and this year has been in grade 2. now i am skipping grade 3 and heading for grade 4 and 5. i am not overly excited. the teachers are awesome. the kids seem great (but i don't know them super well yet). it's the curriculum that scares me!! i have one block a week in grade 5 right now and it is during a math block. every time i go to that class i have to very quickly get up to speed on the math. it's been SO long since i have done this stuff and used the vocab that goes along with the different units. ugh. i don't want to do it. how am i supposed to teach struggling kids all this stuff when i don't even know how to do it? haha. this could be a total fail. i think i will be spending my summer brushing up on my grade 4 and 5 curriculum. fun fun!

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