Sunday, June 13, 2010


i turned 25 yesterday. here are some of my memories from the past 25 years:
  • being allergic to wheat and only being allowed to eat rice stuff (this is where my fear of barfing must have begun, since i threw up everytime i had wheat)
  • going to grandpa murdoch's house for wednesday lunches where we always had the same thing. grilled cheese dipped in egg (this was after i got my wheat allergy), salt and vinegar potato chips, chocolate milk and a glazed doughnut from middlegate bakery (YUM!)
  • staying after school to play piano for my grade 2 teacher Ms. Everett.
  • getting a jasmine and aladdin poster and a lion king diary for one of my birthdays
  • many, MANY summers spent at morning star bible camp
  • AWANA on friday nights
  • starting to play the drums in grade 7 band
  • HATING the idea of moving from burnaby to langley...and hating my parents for making me move
  • starting band and choir in grade 8 and being the only female drummer
  • 2 high school trips to europe. so so many memories
  • sleepovers with my 2 high school best friends, emma and melissa, in melissa's 'cabin'
  • breaking the lamp shade above brandon's pool table
  • eye surgery in grade 11
  • meeting steve the first day of my grade 12 year at school
  • homecoming
  • taking steve as my grad date
  • graduating from high school
  • going to europe with my family
  • getting my first car
  • nannying alexandra and elizabeth. wishing the days would end but always sad when they did
  • working at ABC Country Restaurant as a cook and HATING IT!
  • being SO scared to start college
  • going to england, wales and scotland with emma
  • moving to seattle for 3 months and working at my grandparent's company
  • going on a missions trip to ecuador where steve was sick the whole time
  • my first ever REAL interview...and it was for the school district
  • getting the job as a substitute
  • getting engaged
  • graduating from college
  • my first year at LCS
  • buying our first home
  • our wedding day
  • going to maui and staying in the most amazing hotel
  • going on cruises with steve
  • meeting new awesome people at LCS
  • moving into our townhouse

.....ok this could go on FOREVER!

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