Saturday, June 19, 2010

flower markets

los angeles flower market
i love flowers. i kill flowers, but i love them. i recently watched "valentine's day" and really, really wanted to visit that flower market (the los angeles flower market). it got me thinking. do we have a flower market in vancouver? i know there is a bit of one on granville island, but i am thinking more of a HUGE space FILLED with flowers. i want to take pictures, i want to pick and choose stems of different flowers and make my own bouquet. where can i do that? i googled 'vancouver flower market' and found one on S.W. marine drive....anyone been there? is it any good? or do you know of a different flower market??

1 comment:

  1. I only know the one you're talking about on Granville Island. If you get more info about another one, I TOTALLY want to go with you!!!! I wish we had one here in Langley! I with you...I LOVE FLOWERS!!!