Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer is coming

summer plans:

this summer is going to be weird. i am not going to camp for the first summer in at least 17 years (wow!) and up until this past week i had basically NO summer plans. i have been rather bummed about doing nothing this summer. now time is filling up a bit more. steve and i are going to go to my grandparent's cottage on San Juan Island for a few days in july. in august we hope to go somewhere....not sure where exactly. as much as our cruise was nice it came at a rough time for us and wasn't very enjoyable. hopefully this vacation will be more relaxing. i am also excited that my friend jen is coming to visit from toronto! it's been 3 years since we have seen each other!! i also want to paint our bedroom and wallpaper one of the walls. and i am going to see THE LION KING. it's gonna be awesome! finally i will finish the summer off with a labour day weekend tip to sun peaks with some girlfriends. i need to stop thinking that my summer is gonna suck and realize that it has TONS of potential to be really, really great!


  1. um ya! you will be hanging with us silly! It'll rock your world!!

  2. you have a TON more plans than I do!!! I'm taking a one week summer course, and my sister is coming for four days. And I am going to Sun Peaks for Labour Day...that's it!!!