Monday, June 14, 2010

amazing blog

when i had my miscarriage i did a lot of reading online. i read blogs, read forums, read any info i could find online about what i was going through. i wanted to read other people's stories. i wanted to feel like i wasn't alone. i found out very quickly that so, SO many people had gone through what i was going through. some not as bad as my experience, some much, much worse. one blog i stumbled across was a blog by angie smith. i read the story of her daughter audrey. i still think about this precious little's baby's life and her family's journey. i re-read a lot of it today as well as watched an interview they had done for Cross Point Church on youtube. their story is amazing! if you feel like reading a moving blog and have some time then this one is for you. scroll down on the left side of the blog until you see "welcome" on the sidebar and click "click here" to start from the beginning of their story.

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  1. i'm sorry to hear you had a miscarriage :(

    i hope you have found the healing you need.

    i also have come across so many blogs of believers who have been thru similar or even so sad :(