Sunday, June 6, 2010


see those windows? those windows with the blinds OPEN?? those are our neighbour's windows. the door you see is the sliding door in my kitchen. i like to have my blinds open during the day on the main floor. the people who used to live in the townhouse behind us used to like to have their blinds CLOSED upstairs. i liked that. i liked knowing that no one was staring in on me. i like being alone when i am alone. i don't like feeling like the neighbours are also in my kitchen when i am, in reality, alone. we have new neighbours now. these people like to have their upstairs window's blinds (which are at the same height as our main floors windows, due to the hill in our complex) open ALL THE TIME!!!!! yesterday i was on my balcony dealing with my dying plants and sweeping the deck and there they were, sitting in the office, sitting in the bedroom. i didn't feel alone. i felt like i was being watched. they probably felt like they were being watched. i took that picture while i was doing some dishes in my kitchen today. you might not be able to see in the picture but there is a man sitting in the right window. there is another man sitting in the left window (but i made sure i blocked him with the blinds because he was facing me and i didn't want him to know that i was taking a picture of them...haha). i don't think i am going to like these new neighbours very much. their main floor is at the same level as our basement. we always have the blinds closed in the basement room because it is our workout room and, honestly, we are rarely down there. then their bedroom floor (top floor) is level with our main floor. our top floor looks at their roof. it actually is kind of a great system because generally speaking during the day people are on their main floor, the floor with the living room and kitchen, which means that you can have your blinds open on the floor you are on and no one has to be looking at one another. but these people have gone and messed with the system!!! why??? WHY??? why mess with a good thing. these people like to spend their daytime hours upstairs. it's gonna be a LOOOOONNNGG and awkward summer.


  1. TOTALLY!!! Why would they a) spend the daylight hours in their bedroom and b) want to leave the bedroom blinds open if people can see into those rooms?
    What kind of weirdos are they?

  2. i think they probably just want light...maybe they do like looking into your windows, observing you young marrieds ha ha

  3. that sucks. (and i commented a few posts back - just so you don't miss it. i was behind in my reading but i always love your blog. so funny)