Friday, July 23, 2010

it's still awkward

really, really poor quality photo....sorry (it was taken on my phone). regardless, i am sure you can see how close that open window is to me. it's awkward. STILL very awkward for me. as i wrote in a past post about our neighbours i feel weird that we are always looking in on each other. i know it's townhouse living and there is nothing i can do about it....but i am still going to complain a little.

today we got some patio furniture and spent the better part of the morning assembling it. steve went off to work and i cleaned up our deck so it wouldn't look cluttered with old chairs, and dead flowers in pots (i can't seem to keep plants alive). once the sun was no longer on the table and chairs i wanted to enjoy a peaceful time sitting outside in our new comfy chairs reading my book and feeling the nice breeze. do you think i could stop thinking about whether or not someone was in that window looking at me??? NO. NO. NO! I COULD NOT! even now as i am sitting on the deck typing this i feel like i am being watching. there is a glare on their window so i can't tell if anyone is there or not. when we were painting and putting the wallpaper up in our room the guy in that townhouse look 2 naps and spent hours on his computer. all of which we could see from our window when i was painting. did he close his blinds for his naps? NOPE! AWKWARD! too many times over the past few weeks we have caught each other's eyes while i am in my kitchen and he is on his computer or whatever it is he is doing. i have decided that i need to keep the blinds closed most of the day. this saddens me but what else can i do? i feel like there is a stranger in my house. we were out on our balcony with some friends last weekend and he was sitting outside as well "reading". i kept seeing him smile and chuckle a bit as we talked and laughed. he was for sure listening. i am not surprised, it's a small area, what else can you do? but's awkward!

also, while attempting to read today the next door neighbours were having a huge fight complete with yelling in chinese.that made my reading time so much more enjoyable.


  1. I would just smile at him so he KNOWS you realize he's there and maybe it'll feel less awkward. Even just so he realizes how MUCH you're feeling like he's present in your space...

    Hey, it's worth a try.

  2. I think you should start doing stuff to make it awkward for THEM!!! Get them to start living downstairs like normal humans!