Monday, July 26, 2010

salad. me and salad. i know, it's unheard of.

what's happening to me. i hate salad. i have ALWAYS hated salad. a few weeks ago i smelt caesar dressing and decided that maybe i should give salad another chance. so i ordered one. it was ok. actually less than ok. it was close to ok. not, throw up nasty, but not something that i would freak out about if it was served to me at someones house, but it wasn't great. a few days later i thought i should give it another try. it was a firm 'ok' this time. i was at a wedding a week after that and i tried some again since it was free and part of the buffet. it was better than ok this time. tonight i actually made a caesar salad as part of our dinner. i was close to enjoying it. but this makes no sense. i have always been a NO SALAD girl. when i list off the things i don't eat i say "red meat, pasta, salad and seafood". it's part of my thing. it's who i am. last year i started liking watermelon, but i was ok with that change because it was one fruit, something simple to add. then i added in corn and again i sucked it up and embraced the change. but this is salad, SALAD. ahhhh this is big. real big.

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  1. Hahaha!!! Lael! You're growing up!!!! Heehee!