Monday, July 5, 2010


i have been trying really hard the last 2 weeks to eat better and exercise more. so far i have done pretty good. 4-5 times a week i go for a power walk/jog. i wanted to pair that with the shred but then someone told me that if i am going to want to maintain this exercise program i shouldn't go all crazy and expect that i wil add an hour or more of exercise to my life each day from now on. so i am being more realistic and doing the walk/jog for now. i am also REALLY trying to eat better. here is my meal plan:

breakfast (i never used to eat breakfast so this is all new to me):
toast or bran muffin with fruit
cashews and some fruit
rice cakes with a little cheese and veggies (right now i have been eating celery)
this changes a lot. sometimes i have fruit or veggies, sometimes i have more nuts, or some salt and vinegar mini rice cakes, or some crackers
some kind of meat and veggies...this also varies a lot since steve isn't one who likes to eat the same thing each night for dinner. i am ok with eating the same thing over and over again.
night snack is a lot like afternoon snack

it's weird eating 6 times a day, but apparently it's more healthy. i am pretty much only drinking water, with the occassional fruit juice if i go out for cofee with friends. i also sneak in some chocolate chips once and a while. i love eating out but i have been making better choices at restaurants too. i have been ordering a chicken breast with veggies, or just having soup.

so far i have lost 6 pounds in a less than 2 weeks. it's a small victory but whatever.


  1. woah - 6lbs in 2 weeks? that's crazy! if you're also going for walks, rice cakes for lunch sounds like a way to just be hungry all day. :) try the weight watchers bread - only 1 point for 2 pieces and then you can fill it up with lean meat and lots of veggies and have a good sandwich. or a slice of 2% kraft single cheese for grilled cheese. and are your bran muffins homemade? you know...if you want tips. or you can just tell me to mind my own business. i'm VERY impressed - i have much less self-control than you.

  2. NO, i appreciate the advice. i don't like sandwiches. i like griled cheese, but not any other kind of sandwich. i love rice cakes! i was allergic to gluten for years so i lived off rice cakes and i am still not sick of them! and yes, the bran muffins are homemade. :D

  3. Wow Lael, that's fantastic! And how exciting to see such great results in just 2 weeks! From what I've read, breakfast is the key- it gets your motabolism started for the day. You've actually been doing yourself a disservice by not eating it. So enjoy your 6x/day eating- and good for you for allowing treats. You can't make it without treats!