Saturday, July 24, 2010

coupon clipping

my grandpa is all about clipping those coupons. he often asks me if i go through the fliers and find the best deals and go shop to shop comparing prices before purchasing my food (very stimulating conversation, i know). i don't. i never have. yesterday there were SO many fliers in the paper. today i sat down and looked through the fliers and wow, there are some good deals out there. like 12 cobs of corn for $4. doesn't that seem good? but what would i do with 12 cobs of corn? there is no way the 2 of us could eat all of that. most of the deals i found aren't practical for 2 people. how do people go about this coupon clipping thing? do you make a list of what you want and try and find deals. or when you find a deal do you plan meals according to that? seems overwhelming. we do a budget system and at the end of each month we usually get to the last week and have about $40 for groceries...since we hadn't been careful with our grocery money throughout the month. that last week of the month is always lame. maybe if i start saving money by looking at the fliers we will have a happier last week of the month. :D


  1. blanch your corn and freeze it. It'll be good for the next couple months. Yum!

  2. you never need to buy as many as they say the deal is for - it's still the same deal if you buy less. like if it's 3 for $5, you can just buy one for $1.66. (everywhere except superstore)

    my mom sits down with the flyers at the beginning of the week and makes a list of all the things that she wants to buy on sale at each store then during the week, stops by each store. she's the queen of deals. :)

  3. i wondered whether or not the deal works when you buy less. some of the deals are big cases of meat (like 20 chicken legs) and i don't want all of that meat...i could freeze it but i never plan far enough in advance to defrost meat. ugh. i need to get my act together.