Wednesday, July 14, 2010

upstairs facelift

busy, busy, busy!! painted our bedroom (plus wallpapered one wall), painted ensuite, painted the other upstairs bathroom and have prepped one of the other bedrooms for painting. here are some pics of the project so far.

so long yucky yellow

far wall, old nastiness, right wall, new amazingness

almost done the 5 hour wallpapering project

YAY!! it's done! (not sure about the pillows yet....hence the tags still being ON)

new lamps...LOVE 'em!


  1. those lamps are amazing--- they look so good with the wallpaper...which also looks awesome! even thos it was a pain! I saw Steve today and his main comment was "never put up wallpaper!!!" haha! I told him I'd hire someone... looking for a summer job??? :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You have been busy!!

  3. The wallpaper and lamps look great. Same with the new paint. Good job!! Pillows - not crazy about the rust ones. Not sure about the green one. Love the rest. :-)

  4. the rust ones are my original pillows. i love them but i want to change the colour scheme. the green one is my fav and the only one i am sure about. haha

  5. Looks great, kudos to u on the wallpaper, I don't think I would ever do it because it takes long to put up and just as long to take down.

  6. I like the blue pillow in the back because it ties in the color of the lamps. And I like the one with the twig motif because it's pretty.