Monday, March 7, 2011


i really want to get a pair of TOMS (if you don't know what they are they are shoes, and very cute shoes, and for every pair purchased a pair is donated to a child in need....pretty awesome!). so i am gonna check out some local places that sell TOMS but if they don't have ones i like then i will order them online. i want to get plain ones cause i am not really a flashy shoe kind of a girl. i wear blue or black jeans basically everyday so i want some colour but i don't want a print. here are the ones i like. let me know which pair you think i should get.

blue green



red linen

red canvas


  1. Grant, on the new season of Survivor wears only TOM's. And how do I know this? I am friends with his wife, who is an actress I worked with for eight months on a TV series.