Tuesday, March 22, 2011

diaper cover advice

yet another etsy purchase. we are going to be having a newborn photo session within the first 2 weeks of our son's life. my sister, very generously, paid for the photo session and a bunch of prints. we are pretty excited about it. the photographer's (vairdy) work is great and i can't wait to see how the session goes. anyway....back to etsy. i want to get a diaper cover (a cute diaper cover) for the photos. i like the knitted look a lot but can't find a ton of options on etsy. here are a few that i found. which do you like?
OR there is this option....it's some kind of diaper swaddler....comes in MANY colours and you get 3 (3 different colours)


  1. I like the first ones! They are soooooo cute...I knit a little so I am going to definitely try making one of these!


  2. I agree, the first ones with the larger buttons. I am partial to the darker/denim-y blue one! :)

  3. Yes, I agree.
    The top ones are adorable!

  4. I like baby photos where the baby is naked. Cute little butt in the air - here's a link to what I mean, hope it works.


  5. There is a little shop in guildford near the downstairs mall entrance to Walmart. They have a lot of cute things like that. I don't recall seeing knitted ones, but I saw other diaper covers...I think I like the second knitted one the best...