Thursday, March 24, 2011

day with the husband

yesterday i had one of the best days i have had in a long time. first of all i woke up to amazing sunshine, which always makes me feel great. steve had to run to work and open the store so i threw breakfast in the oven (which i had prepped the night before, GO ME!!) and he picked up timmy's coffee for himself and a hot chocolate for me on the way back home. we had sticky buns and fruit for breakfast.

next we hopped in the car and headed for granville island. i love walking around the market. by the time we got there (true to pregnant form) i was hungry again and ready to have lunch. we each found some food that we were interested in and found a bench outside to sit on while enjoying our lunch. everything tastes better when eaten outside.

the sun was shining and we spent a while just sitting in the sun and people watching. there was a girl (maybe around 10 years old) who saw someone busking. so she put her hat on the ground and started singing twinkle twinkle little star and hoping to get some cash. haha. unfortunately she wasn't any good and she was right by someone else who was actually busking.....awkward.

next up....PAPER YA! love this store. i always spend lots of time in this store. i usually want everything i see. i love their vera wang cards sets, super classy, but CRAZY expensive. i bought a couple cards for some upcoming events and then i bought some big pieces of paper. i decided that framing the paper would be a nice and cheap way of having some art in my basement. the hydrangea paper is for my bathroom, the purple flower paper is for my guestroom and the other paper...not sure. i might do a smaller frame with this paper that i can put on the book shelf in the baby's room. we shall see.

i also love getting some fresh flowers while at the market. i usually buy individual stems and make my own bouquet but yesterday i really enjoyed this pre-made pink bouquet. i put it in my bedroom and waking up to these flowers was nice this morning.

after leaving granville island we headed to coquitlam and picked up some frames at ikea so i could bring my ideas to life. then we had a lovely dinner at cactus club before heading home to put together the frames and watch a movie. great, great day!! my kind of day for sure. :D

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