Friday, March 25, 2011

"excessive debt"...WHAT???

do you see the words "excessive debt"?? yesterday i grabbed our mail and when i opened this letter from ICBC i was SHOCKED to see those words. it was a letter claiming that we can't re-insure our car in may until we have paid this "excessive debt" for crossing the golden ears bridge. what?? i can't even remember the last time i crossed the bridge. steve has crossed twice in the last month but there is no way that we could be getting a letter saying that we have unpaid fees already. i immediately called the number on the paper and of course they were closed. so this morning steve called and apparently they have been sending us letters to the wrong address (even though this letter came to our house) and we owed $32. THIRTY TWO DOLLARS. how is that excessive debt?? this must have been from a long time ago since we haven't crossed the bridge in over a year until this past month. i was feeling so stressed about this thinking that we owed thousands somehow and our credit would be ruined....yes, i "catastrophize" everything (as steve would say). but all is solved now. phew.

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  1. Oh man! I owe them $3.75. I'd better pay up!!!!!!