Friday, March 25, 2011

oh my...slight sinking feeling

8:45am. lying in bed enjoying my last sleep-in morning of spring break. i started thinking about how exciting this next season of life will be with this baby. then i sort of had an "oh my" thought where it sunk in that steve and i won't be alone for a loooonnnnngggg time. we are going to have a baby by our side for quite a while. no more going out for appetizers at 9pm. no more going to late showings of movies. no more "no scheduled" days. nope. there will be a baby. a baby who needs routine. a baby who need to have the comfort of home and not be out all the time being over-stimulated. a baby that will depend on us for EVERYTHING. wow. life will sure be different. steve and i will have had 4 years of it just being us by the time this babe arrives. are we going to be able to easily change to life as a family? don't get me wrong, we are SO excited. we can't wait to have a family and i can't wait to be home, taking care of this little one. but i also don't want to feel like we have lost our identity as a couple. another 6+ weeks of it being 2 and then there will be 3. crazy thought.

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