Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ship shape

getting in shape sucks. i HATE working out. i don't think anyone can really understand my deep loathing for exercise. when i think about exercising i think about how much time i will waste. it's not the working out that i consider a waste it's everything else. i know that if i go to the gym i will need to come home and shower. if my hair gets wet, i will have to blow dry and flat iron my hair (that alone can take 30 minutes). if it doesn't get wet i will still have to flat iron it due to the humidity making my hair crazy frizzy. the other issue is that if i am hot (like i always am after a work out) i can't flat iron my hair because having a 400 degree iron on my hair and then have that hot hair touch me makes me even more hot. i hate being hot. so i have to wait until i am totally cooled down.

when we went on our cruise over spring break steve and i went to the gym pretty much every single day. i did weights and the elliptical each time. i enjoyed doing it on the ship because we had nothing but time. there was no rush, i didn't have to straighten my hair for that evening if i didn't want to. i didn't have to feel stressed for time and worry about having enough time to cool down, shower, blow dry and flat iron my hair....i could go for a swim and i never had anything that I HAD to be at in the evenings or afternoons. it was great! no pressure!

now that i am back to reality i am faced with my usual trepidations.

so here i am back to battling with exercising. last week i popped in my Biggest Loser Bootcamp video (which i had never before watched) and i am not going to lie, it was an intense workout. it's 30 minutes for 2 weeks and then the next 2 weeks you add on bootcamp 2 which is an extra 15 minutes and then the following 2 weeks an extra 10 minutes with bootcamp 3. i have done 10 days in a row now and i am still finding parts of it quite difficult. today i decided to count up how many lunges and squats i have to do in bootcamp 1 because it feels like a lot. so i did a little tally. the total number of lunges is 90 and the total number of squats is 90!!!!!! that's craziness! that's a lot of leg exercise for less than 30 minutes. my legs better be ripped by the end. haha.

i am hoping to do this bootcamp everyday for 6 weeks....32 more days to go :P


  1. I'm so impressed with you, are AMAZING!!!! I can't believe you haven't missed a day! That's incredible.

  2. If you don't need to flat iron your hair for dinner on a cruise ship (where everyone dresses up)then why do you feel you have to do it at home? Why not embrace the wave or curl or whatever you have and save yourself the grief and bother? I am sure you will look just as lovely. And if you don't think you do... you will get used to it.

  3. Oh my word, I TOTALLY feel your pain. I HATE exercising - and not just 'cause of the wasted time, but just 'cause I HATE it. Also, the best exercise for me is swimming (I HATE running and my arms can't do much of anything else). And SWIMMING is SUCH a time-consuming form of exercise - so much changing and shampooing and ARGH. Wish me luck.

    Proud of you for your boot camp dedication!

    Also did I say HATE often enough?

  4. i didn't have to go the dining room if i didn't want to, and i didn't go every night. it was nice to know that i ddin't need to worry about it if i didn't want to. but even if i am not going out in the evening i have to have it nice for work the next day so i have to flat iron it anyways. i try to only wash, blow dry and flat iron my hair every 2 days because it is really damaging if it's done too often. ugh. i am such a complainer!

    trish, i hear you about the swimming thing. that's the best exercise for most people, but it takes WAY too much time out of your day (unless you had your own pool...but even still).

  5. wow - i'm impressed with the bootcamp goals, lael! inspiring. and i also hate that working out doesn't only mean the workout time but the time to cool down, then shower, then blowdry and straighten. it's really what is holding me back from getting in shape. :) haha.