Friday, April 2, 2010


i have found a new show to be addicted too. :S when i heard about this show i thought it sounded lame....the title kinda makes it sound like it would be very average. but then i saw some of the cast and thought that it might have a fighting chance.

Peter Krause - loved him in Six Feet Under
Lauren Graham - i like Gilmore Girls and i liked her as lorelai
Craig T. Nelson - he's in tons of stuff so he must be good
Dax Shepard - he's rather humorous
Max Burkholder - such a little cutie!

i had told myself that if i ever happened to be watching TV and i came across it i would watch and see what i thought. i didn't want to make it a scheduled recording on my PVR because i didn't want to force myself to get into this show. well, one saturday i was looking for something to watch and the pilot episode was on. i had missed about 15 minutes of it but i decided to watch anyways. man oh man. it was good. it sucked me in rather sneakily! seeing as i work with kids who have disabilities this show tugged on my heart strings. in that episode Max Braverman (played by Max Burkholder) is acting very much like he has autism. i was shocked at this kid's skill to portray a child with autism. i couldn't give the show up. i made it a recording on my PVR and i am always excited on Tuesdays when it shows up on my list of recorded episodes! it's SO SO good! if you have never seen the show, you should watch it. especially if you work with kids, elementary age or high school. i think most people can relate to this show.


  1. oh lael, this is THE BEST show! we've been watching it since it started and i look forward to it every tuesday - it's on after LOST. oh, it is so good.

  2. I KNOW! so amazing! glad you are watching it too!