Thursday, April 22, 2010

garage issues

this past august we moved from a condo to a townhouse. in our townhouse we have a sudo tandem garage. i HATE the idea of tandem garages but oh well, it comes with the territory of townhouses. most townhouses have 3 floors. top floor: bedrooms and bathrooms. middle floor: kitchen and living room. bottom floor: 2 car/tandem garage and entry. our layout is slightly different. our middle floor also has the entry (some stairs outside, the entry and a few stairs from the entry up to the middle floor). then on our bottom floor we have a garage for 1 car, another bedroom, a bathroom and the "backyard" (and i use the term "yard"'s more the size of a handicap parking space). outside of our garage door we have another spot for a second car. i like this better then parking 2 cars in the garage bumper to bumper (i don't know why i think this is any better, it's actually kind of the same thing but whatever....we have an extra room and bathroom)..............anyway, getting back to the point of this post, when we moved in the previous owners only left 1 garage door opener. you might think that this makes sense since we only have a 1 car garage. BUT, other people in our complex who have the same set up have 2 garage door openers. ALSO, we don't park a certain car in and a certain car out. whoever gets home first, driving whichever car, parks in the garage and then the other parks outside. in the mornings whoever leaves for work first takes the car that is outside and the other person takes the car that is inside. because our schedules are all over the place we both drive each car and it isn't consistent as to which car will be inside and out. because of this we need a garage door opener in each car. so for the past 8 months we have been trying to make this work. well i am DONE with it! it's too annoying. i can't stand it! i hate it when i leave in the car that is in the garage and find out that the garage door opener is in the other car (which steve has). it's not as easy as pressing the button on the wall in the garage and running out under the door....NOOOOOOOO the stupid thing has a sensor and if anything passes by the sensor the door stops!! so if i open the door with the button on the wall, drive the car out and don't have the in-car garage door opener i have to turn the car off, go into the garage, press the button, go in through the house, upstairs, through the front door, lock the house, back down the outside stairs and back into the car. not so convenient (especially when i am in a rush). i have been after steve to get us another garage door opener. we had trouble finding one that was compatible but finally this week steve struck garage door opener gold!! i was SOOOOO excited to have one for each car. of course there is a catch. it turns out that someone else's garage door opener is now able to control our door. it keeps opening at random times. when i came home from work the door was open. when i was cooking dinner it opened. about 20 minutes ago it opened again. so now we are back to square one.!!!

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