Monday, April 19, 2010

heart attack averted

yesterday laurie, dawn and i went to ikea. dawn was looking for a rug and i wanted 6 white frames with white mats for one of the walls in my living room. so we went to the frame section of the marketplace. i had the cart that i had hung a big yellow bag on. the cart had been giving me some trouble so i didn't want to push it around the crowded section. i found, what i considered, a safe place to put the buggy and wandered around looking at different frames. i had no luck finding what i was looking for so i grabbed the cart and we moved on. a few minutes later we were looking at rugs for dawn and i saw a rug that i thought might work under our table in our kitchen, but i didn't have the dimensions. i thought that maybe i could call steve and he might have an idea of how big that space is (he is way better with that kind of thing). i went to grab my phone from my purse (which i had placed in the child seat part of the cart) but my purse wasn't there. panic hit me hard and fast. i quickly told the girls that my purse was gone. laurie was so calm and suggested that i look in the big yellow bag. i rifled through it really quickly and nope, it wasn't there. she said she would go back to the frame area and look around (which I kinda thought was stupid because how could it have fallen off my cart?? seriously?) and i went to find a staffer. i found a lady who was talking with some couple about pillows. i waited, not so patiently, for her to finish. when she turned to me and asked how she could help i tried my best to calmly say "someone just stole my purse from my cart". she walked over to a phone and asked where my cart had been and then called someone who could pull up the cameras. meanwhile, laurie comes back and tells me that actually, i had stolen someone else's cart and mine was still sitting in the frame section. oh my gosh!!! how stupid am i?? i had rifled through the yellow bag looking for my purse and didn't even notice that it was filled with frames and not the napkins, paper plates and cups that i had in my bag. thank goodness laurie went back there. it turned out to be a smart idea afterall. we had a good laugh and thankfully i avoided crying (which is unlike me in these kinds of situations).

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  1. I still have to laugh SO hard reading this...I can't imagine what the poor person thought whose cart suddenly disappeared with all the stuff they had chosen...heehee! And then it reappeared when we sheepishly left it back in the frame area and slunk away! Too too funny.