Wednesday, March 31, 2010

38 mississippi

this "mississippi" clock has been for sale at Urban Barn for a while and I have really, really wanted it since the Fall. unfortunately, it was very pricey and i just couldn't justify a nearly $100 price tag for a clock. so i resisted and resisted. then this weekend steve and i were browsing through the Urban Barn Outlet (looking for bar stools) when i saw this much loved clock. i rushed over and it was on sale for $35!! wow, major price reduction. so i bought it. i was so excited about it. when i got home we promptly put it up on the wall in our kitchen eating area.
sadly, the clock SUCKS! we can't figure out what's wrong with it. every time the minute hand gets to around 38 mississippi it stops. (in fact when the picture above was taken it stopped about 25 seconds later.) the second hand won't go past the minute hand....why??? why? i am so frustrated. it's not rubbing or anything. it's like it can't fight gravity at that point. we tried changing the battery but of course it made no difference. i am so sad that my clock is incapable of doing it's ONLY job! so back to the store it will go. :(


  1. That totally sucks! Did they have more than one???

  2. this is SUCH a cute clock - that's too bad it doesn't work.