Sunday, March 28, 2010

dinner plans

i hate cooking. hate might be a bit of a strong word but i for sure don't enjoy it. i sometimes like baking when there isn't a deadline and i am in the baking mood. the topic of cooking has caused me a lot of guilt. i hardly ever cook. i did well for a few months when i made a meal plan for an entire month and stuck to it. that quickly ended because it was too much work to do all that planning. steve and i had a long talk while on vacation about starting to cook more. we went out too often or threw together meals too often. when we got home we sat down and figured out which days Steve would be in charge of cooking and which days i would be. i will be cooking 3 days a week, he will be cooking 2, we will go out one and the other night he works until 10pm so we don't need to cook dinner. so far this week we have stuck to it!! YAHOO!! it feels so good to know that you only have to cook a certain amount of meals a week and know which days to do it. i hope we can stick to this. it will really make life easier for us. :D


  1. i'm so impressed - this seems like a great plan. have you tried your stack cooker yet? i used mine tonight to brown hamburger - yes, in the microwave. it actually worked great.

  2. nope, i haven't. :( but i will make it my goal to use it this coming week!