Tuesday, March 23, 2010

green means go, red does not

no this has nothing to do with traffics lights but the same rule applies to my whine for the day.

yesterday i got back from our 10 day cruise, it was good, relaxing and such, but SO not the Caribbean! anyway, while on this cruise i learned that i have a pet peeve having to do with the bathroom. every 'public' washroom on the ship had lovely stall doors that had the red/green slider things on the outside of the door to show whether that stall was in use. i like these things because then no one has to come up to your stall door and try to jiggle it open, or duck their head under to see if there are feet in your stall or try and peek through the crack to see if it is occupied. it is CLEARLY shown with the red (that's right, RED, not green) half circle next to the door handle. i like that I am not having to be some weirdo by jiggling someones door, popping my head down to check for feet or peeking through the crack (which i don't do anyways cause that's yucky), i can just look for green or red. some people are not totally with it and get barged in on because they don't lock the door and therefore it shows green which means "come on in, i'm free"....those people can not complain cause it's their own fault. well one evening before one of the shows i went to the washroom. 3 ladies followed me in. i went into a stall and locked the door. they jiggled the other stall doors, all were locked (AND RED) and then they ALL, yes, ALL 3 of them , jiggled my door!! what the heck are you doing? for one, you JUST saw me go in that stall, and two, IT'S RED!!!!!! are you BLIND? i know you aren't. if you are colour blind, my apologies....but really you should know i am in here anyways cause you saw me go in the stall. after they finished jiggling the door and realized they should re-apply their lipstick, and fluff their hair while they wait, another person enters the washroom and jiggled my door. SERIOUSLY people. now it's just ANNOYING!

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  1. good to see the photos are working now!!! :)