Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wisdom teeth torture

today steve had an appointment to have his 4 wisdom teeth removed. we got there at 12:15, he filled out some paperwork and then they took him back for x-rays. they told me to be back in an hour to pick him up. i left to pick up some pudding and gauze for steve. he sent me a text at 12:50 saying that they had pricked him with a needle 15 times in order to freeze him up real good. i was back at the office about 10 minutes later (1pm). as soon as i walked in the dental assistant asked me to go to the back and sit with him. she said the freezing wasn't working and he was very shaky from the pain. i went back immediately and he looked white. they had only taken out one tooth at that point. 3 to go. they started on the next tooth (top left side of his mouth). he was rigid with pain. it was super hard to watch because i could see that the pain was VERY bad. they stopped and he was shaking like crazy. the freezing wasn't taking. they gave him another shot and tried again. they got it out quick and then gave him a minute to relax before beginning on the bottom left tooth. meanwhile the doctor stuck the bloody tooth he had just removed in my face and wanted me to look at the root and see how curved it was. awesome. just what i wanted to see, thanks doc.

next they started on the bottom tooth. it was giving them a ton of trouble. there was lots of cracking and blood. they finally decided to cut it in half and try again. the cutting was bad. steve was in SO much pain. i was completely helpless. they tried pulling it out and a tiny piece came out. they dug and cracked and pulled and rocked that tooth back and forth....nothing. by this point steve looked awful. he looked like he was close to passing out. it was as if i was watching him be tortured. they kept saying "breathe and relax".....ummm....yeah right! how can he do that when he can feel everything that they were doing? they pulled again on the tooth and there was another loud crack and then a splatter of blood all over the dentist's spectacles. yuck, yuck, YUCK!! they were getting no where. i could tell that steve wasn't going to be able to take much more (he had already had to deal with more than most people would have been able to handle) so i asked them to give him the adivan they had offered before. they did and they gave him more freezing. then they left him for a few minutes so that the meds could kick in a bit. they tried again. this time it wasn't as painful for steve, thank goodness! what a relief! they ended up cutting the tooth into about 6-8 pieces in order to get it out. finally the last chunk of root was out and again the doctor stuck it in my face and insisted that i look at the root and the hook it had. now the doc says to steve "one more to go", i look at the clock and it is now 2:45 (he had been in that chair for 2 hours and 15 minutes and more than an hour of that was just for one tooth) so i said "no, we are done for today". i rushed and got his prescription for T3s and whatever else they prescribed and got him out of there. the doctor was super nice and so was the dental assistant but the whole experience was traumatic. the doctor was quite frustrated that that one tooth had been so hard to get out. he said he had NEVER had a tooth take that long to get out. i felt bad for everyone. they did their best and steve just had to suffer his way through it all. what a trooper! when we got home i cut a leg off an old pair of nylons and stuck ice packs in it and tied it on his head. lol. he looked hilarious! he is still in so much pain but the worst is over....or so we hope!


  1. Seriously, Lael, I don't know HOW you guys dealt with this without screaming or vomiting or passing out! I almost did that just reading it! MY WORD!!! How horrendous!

  2. Oh my goodness. That sounds awful!! Poor Steve and poor you for having to watch and for feeling helpless as you watched them torture him.

    We went to an oral surgeon, because our dentist is like I am not doing that, so we all got put right out. For anyone reading this, go to an oral surgeon, it will be better if the put you out.

  3. I hope they gave you a discount! That sounds AWFUL!!

  4. He should have been under general anesthetic! Make sure he is for that last one.