Saturday, August 14, 2010

city change?

i usually get freaked out at the idea of moving cities. when we were looking for a townhouse last summer we looked extensively in abbotsford but i wasn't super keen on moving cities. i know, it's just abbotsford but for me and my anxious tendencies i knew that that would mean new grocery stores, new restaurants, new gas stations, new routes to familiar places etc etc. so we stayed in langley. i just home home last night from a a short, but sweet, trip to regina. honestly, i could live there. i loved it there. it wasn't too big or too small. it was easy to find things and the biggest's FLAT! running, walking, biking would be AWESOME because it's all flat. i went biking twice while there and loved it. it's very relaxing. it was insanely hot (it was actually kind of cold the last day and rainy), there weren't a bunch of bugs and the houses all have AC. another big plus is that the houses are a lot cheaper there. i haven't been there for a winter yet and that could for sure scare me away from wanting to live there. i am just happy that i am not freaked out at the idea of moving to a new city, even a new province!

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  1. there's many beautiful things about the prairies. fun that you enjoyed it that much! :)