Thursday, August 26, 2010


steve and i love playing board games. the last few months we spend about an evening a week playing ticket to ride, monopoly or sequence. the past couple of weeks i have spent a lot of time at my grandpa's (between 3-7 hours a day) and the games on my ipod have become one of my common pass times (is it pass times or past times??? it passes the time but pass times sounds funny). the other day we hauled out some dice and started playing the old fashion, non electronic, version. it's been good. our printer is broken so we can't print out score sheets so we have to make out own each time we want to play a round, but oh well. i love resurrecting old games. they feel like new again.


  1. I love games, too! So fun- and a great way to spend time with someone. And I think it's passtimes. Or maybe not. Now that looks weird, too.

  2. i love board games. we should play sometime - we have a closet full of them.