Sunday, August 8, 2010

diesel is not my friend

went through Tim Hortons drive thru the other day. just as i pulled up to the speaker thing to place my order a loud diesel truck pulled in behind me. as i said my order to the lady on the other end she kept having to say "SORRY CAN YOU REPEAT THAT?" and i would yell back "SMALL ICED CAPP MADE WITH MILK NOT CREAM" and again "SORRY. THERE IS A LOUD NOISE AND I CAN'T HEAR YOU. PLEASE PULL UP TO THE WINDOW TO ORDER". grrrrrrrr!!!!! so i pull up. but i have to wait for the cars in front of me to get their stuff from the window before i can make my order. meanwhile the big loud truck pulls up to the speaker and turns his truck OFF to make HIS order. ummmm HELLO!!!! you should have the same courtesy for the person in front of you. so annoying. for all of you loud diesel truck drivers out there, please don't use the drive thru or at least turn off your engine when the person in front of you and probably behind you , is trying to order.


  1. no kidding! it's amazing how many people are totally un-self-aware. if that's a word. haha. you know what I mean!