Tuesday, November 8, 2011

can i get your opinion on labels?

a while back i posted about address labels and asked for your opinions. i am almost out of the labels i ended up purchasing so now i am hunting for new ones. i went through all 97 pages of return address labels on etsy and narrowed it down to 7. here they are, tell me what you think.

mellow yellow
i would change the top font

different colour scheme?

large chevron
i am fond of it just the way it is

i would probably do a dark gray font on top instead of brown

i would never, ever do these colours. i would do a light gray instead of pink and then probably a teal instead of the green

there are other colour options that are not as intense as this one....are these colours too much??

i like this colour scheme but i would also consider doing orange instead of gray and then instead of the green stripe i would do charcoal.....maybe....