Monday, November 14, 2011

MRI news

so it has been 3 weeks since jacob had his neurology appointment. the doctor had told us that he was going to hand deliver the request for jake's MRI to radiology so that he could explain how urgent it is for jake to get in ASAP. we didn't know whether to expect a call soon with an appointment date that is 6 months down the road, or if we should just be waiting for a call that would come close to the appointment date. last week i decided that if we hadn't heard anything by today we would call and ask. this morning steve called the neurologist's office and they told us that the wait is 18-24 months and we should expect a call approximately 3 weeks prior to his appointment. thankfully i have a husband who wasn't ok with that answer and he decided to call radiology himself. they put him on hold and pulled up jacob's file and when they came back on the phone they asked steve if he wanted to book the appointment now! WHAT?!?!?!?! this makes NO sense! we were baffled! so the earliest appointment we could get was for jan 9th. honestly, we are so happy with that date! we had discussed going to the states, or going to edmonton, doing whatever we could to get answers sooner. but we had also agreed not to do anything outside of BC until january and now we don't have to. a daycare nurse will call me on the 6th of january with all of the info we need for the MRI. jacob will have to be sedated so i am sure there will be fasting involved so that he doesn't throw up when he is put under. thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers! we are making's slow but it's still progress!

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