Thursday, July 7, 2011

feeding frustrations

people often ask me if jacob is a "good baby". i have always responded by saying "yes, he is" but honestly, he's not. i love him SO much and i am having lots of fun with him but he isn't an easy baby. when he eats he does a lot of crying. he cries before he eats. he cries while he eats and he sometimes cries after he eats. he arches his back and his face goes bright red and just cries and cries. originally i thought it was just that he needed to burp, but burping doesn't always help. then i thought he was just TOO hungry so i would feed him before he got overly eager to eat...didn't change anything. we tried the bottle, he still cries. he doesn't cry like this at every feeding but probably 5 of the 7 feedings each day are like this. i am worn out. by the end of the day i am crying during the feedings too. he is 7 weeks and he just doesn't seem to get falling into a rhythm yet. in fact the crying is just getting worse. i had no idea this part would be so hard. since each feeding takes close to an hour that means that he is crying/fussy for 5-7 hrs a day! that's a lot. i have talked to a few people about this (doctor, public health nurse, friends) and i am still lost as to why he is being like this. i am hoping that the last couple things we are trying will solve the problem and jacob will be more at peace. if it wasn't for this i think he would be a "good" baby. some of the things that makes this bearable are the adorable smiles we get from him in between feedings. watching him lie on his play mat looking at his toys and being so excited to watch them and hear the noises they make. having him fall asleep on us. reading books to him and seeing him stare at the pictures all bug-eyed. we love him and just want him to be calm and enjoy eating.


  1. that's tough, lael - you're doing great by talking to all the right people and making adjustments to see what you can change. keep doing your best and remind yourself that with babies, things are always changing. soon, it won't be so hard. (though something else will pop up that will drive you crazy! ;)

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