Friday, June 24, 2011

oh how life changes

life is so different now but the adjustment to the change happened much more smoothly than i expected.

when i was pregnant i would think about how much everything was going to change and how much of a shock it would be to go from being really free to do whatever we wanted to being way more tied down. i was nervous for the change. i was nervous that i would feel trapped. surprisingly i don't feel that way now that he is here. once he arrived we just immediately sank into this new way of life and didn't come up for air for a few weeks. once we did we realized that everything had pretty much changed but it was a smooth transition. at first it felt like we had the craziest babysitting job ever and we were doing what we could to get through the days and nights. now we don't really even think about it. it feels like second nature. yes it is hard to go out for long periods of time and we have to plan and pack up for leaving the house but it's not the end of the world. i miss my friends and my social life but i love being home with jacob and i know that soon enough i will have more freedom to go out with friends again and leave jacob with steve or even with a family member or friend.

last night we gave jacob his first bottle and he took to it easily! this is going to make life way easier. we can now feed him when we have company over and i don't have to hide up in his room (since i hate nursing around people). we can feed him out in public easily AND i can go out and someone else can feed him. WAHOO!!! steve loved giving jacob his bottle (i am sure this excitement will wear off soon) and he is looking forward to doing more feedings in the future.

a few days ago i took a minute to think about how just a few weeks ago i was on mat leave waiting for jake to make his arrival and i would just sit on the couch and read or watch tv most of the day. the days went by SO slowly! now times FLIES! i am always shocked when steve arrives home and i realize that it's after 5pm already. today i looked at the calendar and saw that it is friday and couldn't believe that it's already the end of the week. it goes so, so quickly!

i was looking at my "what to expect the first year" book yesterday and read about what should/may/possibly be happening with jacob developmentally this month and he is already doing SO many of those things. i don't even notice the changes but now that i have read that list i am shocked to realize that he is changing a ton. :) he is starting to coo. sometimes he smiles when he first sees you. he can hold his head up a lot better. when he lies on his tummy he can push himself up on his arms and lift his head up 90 degrees. all of these things are things that i probably wouldn't have appreciated if i hadn't read about them.

i love this phase of life. there are times that are difficult but for the most part it's all just great! he is so special and we are totally in love with him.

here are some of my fav pics from the past few days:


  1. I love the one of him in the bathtub!!!! HAHAHA!!!! Oh, and we miss you, too. It's going to be so nice when we can visit a bit more you!

  2. it's SUCH a big change yet you are able to just go with it because you're so in love with your baby. :) so true.