Friday, May 6, 2011

organizing fun

i love organizing. i love looking in my cupboards and coming up with ways to make everything look more tidy and make it easier to find things. i am constantly looking for an organization project in my home. steve is also super into being organized. the areas that he is "in charge" of (such as our garage and storage) are perfectly organized. everything has it's place and it is SUPER rare for him to not be able to find something. this makes my "projects" more fun because i can enlist his help and he is almost always up for it. we have baskets and other containers all over the place keeping our stuff contained and neat. i have tupperware bins with different size baby clothing all folded and organized by size. our pantry (buffet really) has lots of collapsible ikea containers that have all of our baking supplies, magic bullet pieces, packages of porridge....etc separated and neatly tucked into the cupboards.

i have REALLY enjoyed organizing all of our baby stuff. last night i started thinking that we will want a changing station on our main floor, plus some extra blankets, cloths, socks, onesies and for a ways down the road, toys. so i scoured our house for any extra baskets that i could use. i now have a toy bin, a basket with wipes, diapers, bum cream, changing pad, clothes, socks, nursing cover, cloths, a bib and then a third bin with blankets, a swaddler and burp cloths. man oh man does it ever feel good to have that all done. i know i do a lot of these kinds of things prematurely, but it's fun for me. i get joy out of organizing.
next: emergency bins for each car (wipes, diapers, extra clothes, plastic bags, changing pads, bum cream....whatever else i can think of). i like to be prepared. :)


  1. I love that you have bum cream in every conceivable place. Is that for you or the baby? HAHAHAHA!