Monday, May 2, 2011

announcement cards

we are starting to think about birth announcement cards. i have a lovely friend who makes photo cards (such as birth announcement cards, or photo christmas cards....probably even wedding thank you cards....etc). she sells Stampin' Up and has purchased their "my digital studio" program and can makes these cards using that program. i looked online for some examples of what i like so she can create one for us. obviously we don't have photos yet but i am trying to get a feel for what i like and what others like. SOOOOO.....after looking at about 200 ideas online i narrowed it down to 15 and then steve and i narrowed that down to 4. this is where you all come in. which do you like? i don't like stuff that is overly cutesy-baby, and i like pretty clean lines so that is why these are pretty simple.

i probably wouldn't want this in this colour but i like the general look

this one might be an issue because it is square and that means more expensive postage. we would have to see what it would look like in 4x6.

steve doesn't like the flowers...too "feminine" but we wouldn't have this EXACT one anyways, it's just an idea. this is also a square but i think it could look really good as a rectangle.


  1. first or 4th. as rectangles for your mailing convenience. i think then you can get all the info you want on them without looking cluttered.