Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sophie vs. madeleine

i love sophie kinsella. she is the author of all the shopaholic books and some other awesome, non-series, books. i found out about a year ago that she also writes under the name "madeleine wickham". i was SUPER excited to learn this because i own ALL of her books and i am always eager for her next book to be published and hit the chapters nearest me. SOOOO this new bit of information meant more books for me to buy and read and hopefully love. i bought one of her madeleine wickham books, the gatecrasher and dove into it. it was good. i quite enjoyed it. a bit of a different style than the sophie kinsella books, but still totally worth the read. so i bought and read a second one: cocktails for three....also good....not quite as good as the gatecrasher. then i found a couple of her books in a cheap-o bin at safeway so i bought them as well. i am just finishing sleeping arrangements (it's not what it sounds like) and honestly i am not very satisfied with this book. so now here is my dilemma. do i keep reading her books? i feel somewhat loyal to her, but i am lovin the sophie books, and not really lovin the madeleine books. she has 4 others written under this madeleine name but i just don't know if i can do it. 4 books is a big commitment for me.

another thing that i am confused about is whether her name is sophie kinsella or madeleine wickham. i read on a website that her real name is madeleine wickham but then all of her madeleine books say "SOPHIE KINSELLA WRITING AS MADELEINE WICKHAM" so which is it? i hope her pen name is sophie kinsella cause it is a much nicer name than madeleine wickham...especially the wickham part.

here is a list of her books:

sophie kinsella books:

confessions of a shopaholic

shopaholic takes manhattan

shopaholic ties the knot

shopaholic and sister

shopaholic and baby

mini shopaholic (coming soon YAY!!)

can you keep a secret?

the undomestic goddess

remember me?

twenties girl

madeleine wickham books:

sleeping arrangements

cocktails for three

the wedding girl

the gatecrasher

swimming pool sunday

a desirable residence

the tennis party


  1. I love her too! Have you tried Marian Keyes? I think she is even better, same style.
    I read Twenties Girl on bed rest. It was ok. It took a looong time to get into.

  2. so i'd heard that sophie kinsella's real name was madeleine wickham too...but i haven't looked into it. i love love loved the first 3 shopaholic books and then my love began to taper off. too much of the same. when i heard about madeleine w., i bought gatecrashers but still haven't actually read the whole thing. i guess it didn't jive for me either.

    how was twenties girl? i'd like to read that one.

    as for the above comment - marian keyes is great. read Anyone Out There?

    also, have you read the Something Borrowed and Something Blue pair of books? by emily giffin? really great. i loved them.

  3. i have a couple of marian keyes books. i read the other side of the story and it was ok...i haven't read the other one i own yet. i also have read emily griffin's something borrowed but i didn't love it either. it was fine, just not my favourite. i tried sheila o'flanagan's books too, but they were a disappointment. my FAVOURITE author is Cecelia Ahern. i have all seven of her books (ihave only read 6 of them so far) and i LOVE them all. twenties girl was not that good...but can you keep a secret was really good!

  4. Marian's earlier stuff is much better- Watermelon, Angels, Sushi for Beginners...Not quite as clean as shopaholic, but good!