Sunday, September 12, 2010

jobs from grandpa

my grandpa has had a rough month and a half. due to a bunch of different things going on with him he is now MUCH more dependant on people. thankfully he lives in a care home where they take care of all his needs. they feed him, change his clothes, help him go to the washroom, shave him, shower him, get him in and out of bed, etc etc. he doesn't need to worry about anything. and yet he worries about EVERYTHING!!!! the man is the biggest worrier i have ever met (this must be where i get my worrying side from....)! as soon as lunch is over and he gets into bed for his nap he starts worrying about when the care girls will come and get him up for dinner? will they be here on time or will i miss dinner? what's for dinner? who will get me out of bed? what if they don't come on time, what should i do? who will feed me? how long will i have to wait after dinner to be brought back to my room? when i get back to my room who will put me in bed? will they take me to the bathroom first? etc etc etc. it's excessive. there are some things that he often wants me to do for him so that he isn't a "nuisance" to the care aides (who are PAID to do these things....i am not). some of them i don't mind doing. i lay out his clothes for him on sundays because monday is his bath day and he always wants fresh clothes after his bath. i shave his face (not my favourite cause i am always scared i am going to cut him. thankfully i haven't yet). put lotion on his face, forehead and the top of his right foot (kinda my other post about his feet). then comes the dreaded statement "lael, i would like you to give my dentures a good clean" NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! i don't mind brushing his teeth when they are IN his mouth but not when they come OUT. it's a little much for me, but i can't say no to him, he's my grandpa and he can't do it himself. so i take a deep breath, swallow hard and start the job. i always go and get gloves from the nurse's station. then i grab a shallow dish from his bathroom and get him to put his dentures (he only has a partial denture for the top) into the dish. i try my best not to look at it. i take it into the bathroom run water into the dish and lightly shake the dish around in order to loosen the chunks of food that are stuck in the dentures (at this point i am trying REALLY hard not to gag). i then put the dish up against the side of the sink and pour the water out making sure that the dentures don't fall out. now i repeat the water shaking, food chunk loosening routine. finally i put toothpaste on his toothbrush, pick up the dentures (with my GLOVED hand) and clean them so they are minty fresh tasting. yuck YUCK YUCK!!!! a good day when visiting my grandpa is when he doesn't bring up his dentures.


  1. Wow, Lael, wow. You are truly amazing. Your Grandpa is lucky to have you!

  2. O my WORD! Lael!!!! You ARE amazing!!!! If pickles will send you screaming into the great beyond, I can just imagine how much fortitude it takse for you to do this everyday...and yet you do it so willingly and without complaining! I'm honoured to know you!

  3. umm....if this is complaining then i don't know what is. haha. and i would rather put his dirty dentures in my teeth then put a pickle in my mouth.