Sunday, September 19, 2010

couples questionnaire

taken from this blog

  • what are you middle names? joel and beverly (he has a great one, mine is terrible)
  • how long have you been together? in total? married for 3 years, together for 7 years on sept. 26
  • how long did you know each other before you started dating? 1 year
  • who asked who out? i asked him to be my grad date....but we weren't going as a couple (even though i wanted to) he technically asked me out OFFICIALLY 3 months later
  • whose siblings do you see the most? my brothers
  • do you have any children? nope.
  • what about pets? no....thank goodness!!
  • which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? dude, this one is is a tough one and who gets to drive the 'good' car (just kidding)
  • did you go to the same school? yes we both went to the same high school for one year
  • are you from the same home town? yes and no. neither of us were born in langley but when we started dating we both lived here
  • who is the smartest? definitely, hands down, steve....expect for when it comes to geography haha
  • who is the most sensitive? probably me
  • where do you eat out most as a couple? we go through different spurts. we did chinese a lot for a while, then boston pizza, then mongolie grill, now we go to earls a lot (what's a lot? we got maybe once a that a lot?)
  • who has the craziest ex? that would have to be me since steve has only ever dated me.
  • who has the worst temper? used to be might still be me
  • who does the cooking? both of us
  • who is more social? for sure me!! i could talk anyone's ear off
  • who is the neat-freak? both of us!! i am more obsessive about it but he for sure likes the house clean and he does his share of the cleaning around here.
  • who is more stubborn? steve would say that i am, i would say that he is
  • who hogs the bed? neither of us. we both sleep on our sides facing out of the bed
  • who wakes up earlier? me most days...but that's not by choice
  • where was your first date? we disagree on this one. i say that our first date was when we went to subway for lunch and then we sat in his car and prayed together, commiting our relationship to God, he says that that doesn't count as a date and that our frist date was to the old willowbrook theatre where we watched finding nemo. i may or may not have punched him in the stomach (jokingly) when he tried to pay for my ticket and he may or may not have had the wind knocked out of him.....
  • who has the bigger family? i have more siblings but his siblings are both married and have i guess his family is bigger. if we are talking extended family then his is FOR SURE bigger....i have 1 uncle, 1 aunt and 2 cousins....he has a million
  • do you get flowers often? not as much as i used to but that's because i asked him to stop wasting so much money on flowers cause i never take care of them. haha
  • how do you spend the holidays? i go to seattle with my family because steve works every minute of my 2 week break from work. but if we are talking about vacations....we like to go on cruises, they are awesome.
  • who is more jealous? me. without a doubt.
  • how long did it take to get serious? well steve told me he loved me when he was asking me out (BAHAHAHA....oh high schoolers...seriously clueless). i don't really know when things actually got serious. probably within a year of us dating we both knew that we would get married.
  • who eats more? steve. steve. steve. steve. 10x more. and you would never be able to guess it would you?
  • who does/did the laundry? steve isn't allowed to do the laundry because he has ruined some of my clothes, hehe, so i do it all and i am happy to do it.
  • who's better with the computer? steve. i am clueless
  • who drives when you are together? usually steve.

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  1. Ok, I laughed out LOUD about the punch in the stomach...and my dad was quite startled.... Lael, you slay me!!!!