Monday, November 19, 2012

His and Her: Q & A

I found this blog entry via Pinterest and thought it would be fun to go through the 100 questions with Steve sometime. Tonight I decided to start by asking him the first 20 questions but he got so into it that he asked me to keep going and going and going until we finished all 100. haha. I have decided to post our answers to the 10 questions over the next while starting tonight with questions 1-20.

What would you be happy doing for hours on end?
 S: Drinking beer, eating food and playing pool.
L: Shopping for furniture and home decor

What is one thing you always disagree on as a couple?
S: Dishes
L: Yup, the dishes.

What is one thing you always agree on?
S: Deciding to eat out
L: We need more sleep

What is your favorite olympic event?
S: This is going to sounds super lame but Gymnastics
L: Summer: Gymnastics, Winter: Hockey

If you had the money to buy your significant other any one thing right now what would you buy them?
S: A cruise (L: YES PLEASE!)
L: A car so he could drive to work without getting wet and cold on the scooter

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
S: Deaf
L: Deaf

What is one thing you admire about your mother (or mother figure)?
S: She is always welcoming
L: Her knowledge of the Bible and how fast she reads!

What food do you HATE?
S: Peas!
L: Almost everything but seriously hate pickles and mustard

Who is your favorite superhero?
S: Spiderman (L: very convienient since you look so much like Tobey Maguire)
L: ....superman?

What value or principle, if any, are you a true advocate for?.
S: Integrity
L: Honesty

What will your firstborn daughters name be? (or what would your next daughter's name be?)
S: Avery
L: Stella (in reality it won't be either of these names since we clearly don't agree)

What is your biggest shopping pet peeve?
S: trying on clothes
L: finding parking when it's raining
If you could have any single superpower what would it be and why?
S: Flying cause flying is awesome. everyone's dream is to fly
L: ....not mine. I would want to be invisible so I can spy on Jacob when he is in the nursery at church without him seeing me. PLUS i just like being a fly on the wall....

If you got a life supply subscription to any magazine, what magazine would you choose?
S: Some electronic magazine
L: People or Martha Stewart Living

What was your favorite subject in elementary school? (lunch and recess don't count)
S: Pause. (L: What does that mean in English?) Recess. (L: ) Fine. Then I choose Music

You just scored $5. What do you spend it on?
S: Breakfast sandwich at Starbucks
L: Cream soad slurpee and a Wonderbar

What were your thoughts when you first met your other half?
S: I don't remember but if I had to say 2 words I would say nice and outgoing
L: I don't remember if his name is Stephan or Steven. (a friend of mine told me that there was a new guy in choir and i saw him in our first choir practice that school year)

If you could punch a company/business in the face, who would you want to punch?
S: I would punch and high five Bose because of they are masterminds at brainwashing customers into thinking that their products are any good.
L: Cell phone companies....i have been with many and they all mess up my bills

Favorite classic Disney princess?
S: Aladdin (L: He is not a princess) Isn't there a princess in Aladdin (L: Yes, Jasmine) Yeah, her.
L: Belle. She saw the good in the Beast and made the best of her situation (plus the songs in that movie are so catchy).

If you could reincarnate into any animal after you die, what animal would you want to be?
S: Easy! Lion!
L: Probably a dolphin because then I could explore the ocean OR a hummingbird so i could fly


  1. wow - this is awesome. love the aladdin quote...and the avery quote. ;)

  2. This was so much fun to read...I can't wait for the next instalment! I could totally hear your voices in each answer! haha!