Tuesday, December 13, 2011

why do moms hurt moms?

today i have attempted to write a post about my frustration with myself and other moms. i have written that post 3 times and deleted it. i don't know how i can say what i want to say without majorly offending people or making people think that i am talking specifically about them. ugh! then i read this post and thought....perfect! she said it for me! :) she talks about how we are so quick to judge one another...except that instead of feeling judged by non-moms (as she writes in her post) i feel judged by moms. we moms should know better than to impose our opinions on each other. we know how it feels when other moms say things that sound like they can parent YOUR CHILD better than you can. it's ridiculous! i don't care if you have had 10 babies....you don't know MY baby and i am the best mom for him. and you are the best mom for your baby, not me. i know i have been majorly guilty of judging other moms and dumping my opinion on them when i haven't been asked to share it. i know i have hurt, upset, frustrated other moms with my "well-meaning" advice. i didn't want to, but regardless of my motive i did hurt them. i have been hurt, upset, and frustrated by other moms too. i know they meant well but it makes me second guess myself so much....and don't we already second guess ourselves enough?

anyway, if you are interested you should read the post i linked above. i feel like i need to make more of an effort to listen to someone vent instead of jumping to "fix-it" mode. a lot of the time i think we want to fix the problem for other people when really all the person wants is for someone to listen.