Tuesday, December 13, 2011


ever since i published my previous post i have felt slightly stressed. i have been really worried that it might come across like someone said something that pushed me over the edge and made me get so upset that i blogged about it. i guess that is what happened but it's not what you are thinking. you see a couple days ago i read this post (if you follow the link don't be turned off by the title....it's actually VERY thought provoking) which talks a TON about judging others. because my world seems to revolve around jacob right now i tend to talk to a lot of other moms about our kids. i am very fast to either think judgmental thoughts or even say judgmental things. when i read that post it was like a slap in the face....but a good one. it opened my eyes to a lot of areas that i need to work on. that's what got me thinking and made me decide to write the post i wrote earlier. i was coming from a place of disappointment in myself. i know that i am quick to think of how others have hurt me (the whole woe-is-me thing comes pretty naturally) and what i really should be doing is thinking about how I CAN CHANGE. my intention was for that post to show that i want to work on not being judgmental....i am worried that it instead came across like i am just complaining about other people. :(

if you were offended by what i said or thought that i was talking about you or worried that you said something to me that made me feel like this DON'T be-you didn't!! hopefully this clears all of that up.

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