Thursday, December 17, 2009

the season of junk

everyone seems to be doing christmas baking and i am just not into it. growing up my mom never did some huge baking day at christmas.....honestly i don't understand why everyone does. why do we need more junk this time of year. we already know we are going to have a ton of chocolate at christmas, and pie and other goodies at get togethers....why make more treats for daily consumption. don't misunderstand me, i LOVE treats (sweet or salty) but i don't need to be tempted anymore to eat them then i are on a regular basis. well on monday i decided that I would do some baking. i thought i would just make one thing of cookies to bring to the christmas party with our bible study group. denise sent me an awesome recipe for chocolate peppermint snowball cookies so i thought i might as well make those. then i came across my uncle's recipe for peanut clusters, then my grandpa's recipe for his yummy sweet pancakes and then one for a mocha chocolate cake. i made my grocery list and headed to the store. going through the check out was extremely embarrassing.....if you have read my previous blog about shopping you will know what i mean (if not please read it). when i got home i began.

first i decided to double the cookie recipe. little did i know that it would make 6 dozen!!!!! then i began making the peanut clusters. after 2 hours i was sick of baking. i packaged everything up and called it a day. i was overwhelmed by how much junk i had. i decided to take some over to my neighbour (but she ended up sending me home with a plate of her baking so that didn't really help solve my problem. I then sent home a ton of cookies and peanut clusters with ashley. next i took a little sampling to lindsay when we met up for lunch. next i took them to bible study and hardly any was eaten. today i took my tin of cookies to work and lindsay ate a million of them but i still have some left!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!! the tin is staying at work tomorrow until all the cookies are gone. yesterday i made the yummy sweet pancakes. dude i forgot how much i love them!!!! man oh man. if anyone wants to try them let me know and i will give you the recipe. i still need to make the chocolate cake. i might make it this weekend and bring it to steve's family christmas thing on sunday evening. hopefully people will be into eating it or i will have another problem on my hands. i know what you are thinking...."why do you keep making stuff?? just stop". don't you get it? I CAN'T!!!!!! i bought all of the ingredients and some of them don't keep (such as buttermilk) so I need to use it. if you want some baking....let me know.

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  1. Why are you so anxious about Christmas baking? Relax and enjoy! Santa Claus will clean up any leftovers on Christmas eve, besides isn't that what fellowship is all about?