Tuesday, December 22, 2009

advent conspiracy

our pastor has been doing a series on the advent conspiracy. it got steve and i thinking. why do we spend so much $$ at christmas time? why do we have to give gifts to tell people that we are thinking about them and that we love them? steve's family really minimized gift giving this year and instead we put our money together and sent it down to 3 girls in mexico whose mother passed away and they are now on their own. then my siblings decided to draw names and set a smaller budget and just buy for one person each rather than everyone. i feel SO much better! i never realized how stressful it can be to buy for people. constantly asking yourself:
will they like this?
would they rather have that?
did i spend enough?
what if they give me something better?
....... it's ridiculous!!!! it felt good to buy less 'stuff' and instead take the time that would be spent shopping and spend it with family and friends. i have a few gifts under my tree, but not many. steve and i are not getting anything for each other this year. we are going to spend christmas day snowshoeing together and then i'll make us dinner. we are planning a get-away for spring break and we feel like we would rather put the money towards that then christmas gifts for each other. does anyone else feel like christmas shopping is getting really out of hand? do people actually truly appreciate the gifts they receive? i don't feel like i am as thankful as i should be for the money and time people sacrifice to get my gifts.
anyway, i just thought i would rant a little and maybe some of you will consider spending less money and spending more time with your loved ones next year.

i have tried to attach the little video on advent conspiracy but it won't work. please click on the link. it's short. take a minute to watch it.

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