Thursday, October 14, 2010


my family likes to play games. this past thanksgiving my sister (patty), brother (robbie), steve, my mom and i played all 16 rounds of scategories. it's a fun game. basically you have 16 cards, each card has 12 categories on it. you roll the dice (it has every letter of the alphabet on it), whatever letter comes up you need to think of a word that begins with that letter for each category on one card. the cards are numbered 1-16. you obviously start with #1 and that way everyone is answering the same categories each round with the same letter. an example of a category would be "a boy's name" or "something you hide"....etc etc.
steve likes to be....i believe his word to describe it is "creative"....the rest of us don't think "creative" is the correct term. he "thinks outside the box"...again his words, not ours. i think what is actually happening is that he is gets stuck and throws any word in there that starts with that letter. then when we all simultaneously yell "NO!!" to his answer and laugh he fights it to the death! i have to give him props because he comes up with some pretty good arguments...but in the end still losses despite his commitment.
here are some examples of categories and then the answers he gave for those categories:
hobbies: noodle quilting
kinds of dances: twinkle toes
excuses for being late: kite accident (what????)
something you're afraid of: fried pickles
things you shout: burn baby burn (is this a typical thing that people shout? he really fought hard for this one)
flowers: betunia (that would be petunia)
baby food: deviled eggs (he will never be allowed to feed our children)
diseases: debilitating diarrhea (first: debilitating is a describing word. second: diarrhea is not a disease)
things at a football game: metal
things in a science fiction novel: wind
things at the parliament: wood
hot places: water
things at an amusement park: willow trees
things in a gym/health club: indians (????)
things on a highway: inter-racial vehicles (my personal favourite)
things in a hotel: dentures (it's not a hotel unless it has dentures)
good times. lots of laughs!


  1. I have to say, I play like Steve...I'd give him most if not all of those answers! You go, Steve!!!!

  2. i don't know why "boy's" is highlighted. so weird.

  3. it's highlighted cause you prob spell checked, and then forgot to hit the spell check button again to turn it off... so it appears in the post. as for the answers, you would yell BURN BABY BURN, but as for the others.... they made me laugh!!

  4. it isn't spelt wrong though is it?